12 December 2014

EYE program doubles in 2015 in the industrial district of Prato and of Florence - Scandicci

The program EYE reaches its fourth edition in 2015 in Prato and begins in the industrial district of Florence Scandicci.
In Prato the training program for high school students dedicated to entrepreneurship and...

19 April 2012

Japan is YOU - March 11 2012

In the first anniversary of the tsunami in Japan, on March 11th 2012, ARTES aim to realize an event to remember the victims of tsunami and the hearthquake on March 11th  2011.


The event wants to be a sign of...

05 November 2011

Artes et Ethica 2011 - The other faces of ethics, cooperation, competition and foreign entrepreuners

The ethcal question in comparison with the new companies from different cultures, realities and countries out the European community will be the focus of the 2011 Artes et Ethica.
The phenomenon of the foreign entrepreneur in...